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Deo Gloria Trust
Promoting the Good News about Jesus Christ and encouraging Christians to share it with others

Postcoding Your Outreach Material

A number of the booklets and leaflets we sell have a response card at the back inviting the recipient to write for further information or a local Christian contact. The one at the back of On Your Marks looks like this:

Address _______________________________________
______________________________Post Code________

I would like (tick as appropriate)

a Christian to write to me
a Christian to telephone me
a visit from a local Christian

Other details that you think might help us to help you

Those who request a local Christian to contact them are referred to the nearest appropriate Contact for Christ. Contacts for Christ who wish to be responsible for follow-up in their local area should mark each response card with their postcode so that we can recognise it as having been distributed by you - this should be done in the top left-hand corner on the address side.

When you have done this please contact us to let us know that you intend to do your own follow-up. Alternatively, you could allow us to handle the follow-up and just receive a report of the responses we have received.

Please note only current Contacts for Christ can choose to do their own follow-up.

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